Monday, March 26, 2012

What I Learned at METC 12

What follows is a stream of consciousness about my time at METC 12.  It was a great conference that I am so thankful I got to attend. 

Monday – Pre-conference workshop – This was about doing one-take videos in the classroom. Video use is a definite weak spot for me. (My 6th and 7th graders will attest to that) What did I learn? Keep it simple. I don't need to do a lot of fancy editing. Just get the students making videos. They enjoy it, so do it! I also learned that they can be used in any subject. There was a great lower grades math example used by @amymcordova

Tuesday – Keynote – too much great stuff to process. Search the hashtag #metc12 for all the great quotes, video clips and ideas given. 

1st Sectional  - 21st century literarcy

We teach the iGen students, who are multitakers; love virtual worlds. We must teach students to be CRITICAL CONSUMERS of information they are looking for. What causes red flags? Teach Fact checking; Author bias; ownership, is it fresh?

How will I ethically use the info?

Good questions to ask myself came out of this sectional.  I need to get better with intentionally teaching these skills. 

Websites I learned about and/or want to try
(Students - google these and you'll find the websites.) 

Creaza    Audacity   Scratch    Mentimeter    tikatok 

Apps to try. (Some free some not)

civic quotes                overdrive = library                        360panorama                       Screen chomp
Mind push                  Bluster                                          showme                               mysterybookmaker
toontastic                   story lines                                      Skitch                                  story buddy
comic life                   popplet                                         evernote peek                       jot not
up next                      rover - flash sites                           study blue                             zite
pigeon                       kno                                               idea flight                              tech junkie
flixlab                       yelp                                                mixel                                    chorepad
kloutscore                tango                                             comic life                              join me
100 cmaeras            vocal zap                                        ignition                                doodle
splash top               dragon go!                                      remoter vnc


Ideas to use in the Classroom
paper slides

Standards based grading -

Students who learn more - should their "grade be higher?" This sectional made me really begin to question the standard ABCDF grading scale. I want to do more research about this topic, but it really seems to offer a better look at the question - DID A CHILD LEARN?

Growth mindset - a student can grow they do not have a fixed amount of knowledge.

After heraing this sectional I want to explore standards based graded more.  I would love to start this style of grading in my classroom.  It is a complete philosophical shift.  I am convinced that it is worth exploring and I may already  be convinced that this is a more accurate picture of student achievement. 

FLIP THE CLASSROOM - WILL try this during this school year. Video tape the lecture/lesson - then class time is all practice/activities.  Makes complete sense. When do the students need me?  During the practice.  Give them "homework" of watching the lecture and gaining exposure to the new material, and then do all practice and activities in class where I can be there for help and more guided practice.

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