Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Exciting are YOUR plans?

Have you ever planned a week of teaching and then walked away, come back and said to yourself, “How boring!” I have had lessons recently that I am just not enthused about teaching. This had led to me to think how my students must feel during those kinds of lessons. If I am excited about it, how can they be? Sometimes we need to fake it yes. There is material that needs covering that just isn’t exciting by itself. But doesn’t that fall on teachers to make EVERY lesson exciting? Is it a teacher’s job to make every lesson the best, coolest lesson and material ever? Isn’t that how tech can help? I am pretty sure that the students pick up on when I am not “into” a lesson. How can I expect them to get anything out of it if I am not excited to teach the material or how I am teaching the material? After planning a week or a unit, step back, look at it, if you can’t wait to teach it, you’re already a step ahead of getting your students motivated to learn it. If you look at something and sigh, find a different way to teach it!