Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reflections from METC

Dear Who Ever Will Listen,

I recently went to the METC conference. I learned some things. I have some thoughts. I want to share.  But first some awesome quotes:

“The only thing technology changes is what is possible.” @rushtonh

“Are you not getting through the curriculum because of the way you are teaching the curriculum?” @rushtonh

“Kids are digital natives. They came out of the womb with a password.” @rushtonh

“L2L2L – Learn to Love to Learn!” @kevinhoneycutt

“Whoa, did they teach you a teleportation app?” A 6th grader at my school when he saw me on Wednesday morning before I left for METC

To METC presenters, organizers – awesome conference – the amount of collaboration, learning, fun that took place cannot be measured. It energized and refreshed my passion for teaching with technology. It validated all the thoughts I have about teaching with technology. You taught me so much and encouraged me even more.

To colleagues at METC – Awesome to meet some of you! Awesome to reconnect with some of you! It was great to feel like that what I am doing in my classroom lines up with what some of the best tech teachers are doing too.

To my students – THANK YOU – You were so eager to hear about what I learned about. You were so excited to get going on some of the projects. Thank you for begging for Google Earth, or Blabberize, or Froguts on the Smart board or more Edheads. Thank you for being willing to try new things with me.

To my co-workers back at school – I get it. All your frustrations/headaches from me trying to be encouraging and introduce you to so much new technology, I understand better now. At METC there were so many NEW apps, projects, ideas, “techie” things that I know are great, I would love to try, but I don’t know where to start! Which project? When I am going to find time to try to learn that new app? Small bites, we can’t do it all at once. So overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time.

To my administrator (@aslsprincipal) – thank you for letting me go to METC; thank you for letting me try things, thank you for getting on Twitter, thank you for leading the way and being a champion for tech integration with me.