Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Skype

On Friday, November 16th, my class of 7th graders in St. Louis MO, had the privilege to Skype with Miss Greta's (@gret) class of 5th graders in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The students conversed using a question and answer format. The questions were shared between myself and Greta before, to help the students on both sides of the equator feel more comfortable. Judging by the reactions from my kids and the blogs written by Greta's kids, the event was well received by both groups of students. My students learned so much from the VERY well spoken English learning students. The differences in seasons and culture were met with the same wonder and awe as the similarities in taste in music and difficulty in learning our native languages. (My favorite moment was when students 5400 miles apart did the dance, "Gangham Style" together - priceless!) Some of the students in in Miss Greta's class went home and blogged about the experience, unprompted! Their comments were so genuine and honest. One comment in particular summed up why I Skype and is why I want these sessions for my students more and more. A great student in Miss Greta's class made the comment in her blog, "It was very interesting and fantastic.It was the first time that I could speak English with someone who speaks English all the time!!!" That comment right there is a exhibit A in the case of whether or not to use technology in the classroom! Through the use of Skype, we were able to shrink the world and expand the classroom a little bit for both classes! And that is why I Skype! Read more of the blogging responses here - and here - Thaks Greta!