Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reasons to Stay a Teacher

I have been at my new school 3 weeks today.  This was a switch in schools after 11 1/2 years at my previous school.  On the advice of a college professor I started a folder my first year of teaching titled "Reasons to stay a Teacher."  She said it is going to get hard, there are going to be "days."  However, she said to always remember why I wanted to be a teacher.  So I started this folder and had many entries from my first school and those students.   

For the past 3 years I have been serving as a principal/teacher.  During that time I forgot what it was like to truly be a "just" a teacher.  I lost what it meant to lesson plan for all day, to be in the classroom all day, to be with the students all day long.  I wanted to get back to that and through an awesome series of events I got to do that this school year.  As an added bonus I get to be the tech coordinator at this new school. 

Well in the first 3 weeks at my new school, I have already had 3 potential entries into my "Reasons to Stay a Teacher" folder.  (It is now digital :) First my new class of 7th graders gave me a great lesson that made the history teacher in me cry.  I had introduced them to wordle and they really seemed to enjoy it.  They asked me to wordle something like the Declaration of Independence, so I did.  It was an awesome history lesson in 1 min.  My whole lesson that I use on the D.o.I. was summed up and taught BETTER in that one minute as we explored the world creation.  They said, "Whoa, look at how big the word people is, that must be important."  We then looked at the words laws, government and how they stood out from the rest.  It was an awesome moment. 

Another entry was a book review that a student in 7th grade, Allison wrote for a local library.  While I have only known Allison for a few weeks, I was so impressed by her review.  Her and her classmates love for reading has really been cool to see.  They have books on order, they ask for e-readers because they read so many books, just so neat to see.  As a teacher it is so refreshing to see kids excited to read! 

After introducing Glogster to the classes I teach, so many of them have made personal ones.  I have one student who has created over 15 personal glogs!  One was even about our school. 

It is so invigorating to have students excited to learn and eager to embrace the exciting technology available to them.  In 3 weeks time I have been reminded why I teach.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach.  It is the greatest "job" in the world.  What an awesome opportunity/responsibility we have!  I hope that any teachers that read this have a moment that reminds them why they became a teacher soon!  And thanks to my students for the moments you have already provided this year.  Can't wait to go to work tomorrow!

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